Intranet and Internet Data Exchange System in Software Service Department Comes On-line

時間: 2016-07-13 13:43:01
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      Facing the needs of Intranet and Internet data integration in modern enterprises, many companies want to establish a management platform to realize the communication between internal and external data, and to transfer large files. The project of Xiamen Node's Intranet and Internet data exchange system creates a platform for the internal managers, common staff and the external customers of an enterprise to have information communication. All information of the enterprise is framed on a network map on the platform. Therefore, when we find one of the information points, we can get all the information related to it. At the same time, through this platform, the enterprise product information, contract news, recruitment information and others could be published on the external websites, and be controlled and updated at any time. In this way, we achieve the integration of Intranet and Internet management. We also bring the customers, suppliers, distributors and agents together to have free exchange and interaction to enhance the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by bringing in the solutions to Enterprise Information Portal.

      This year, Xiamen Node signed a contract as to the Intranet and Internet system with a corporation. Recently, with the guidance and concern of the corporation leaders, the colleagues in the team of Intranet and Internet system project worked together to overcome all kinds of problems and difficulties in the project, ensuring that the system could be successfully launched on time.

      We paid a lot of painstaking effort to complete the project on time. The sweat of our colleagues truly embodies our company's culture: the employee's development promotes the development of the whole company. We believe that when the company prospers through our joint effort, it will in turn bring benefits to every employee. Finally, we can share the benefits.

Software Service Department

September 18th, 2015

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