A Special Banquet Held for Female Employees

時間: 2018-06-22 15:09:44
來源: presidentoffice
點擊: 2626

The annual International Women’s Day comes in the romantic season with cherry blossoms. Female employees in Xiamen Node Group cherish their positions, devote wholeheartedly to work, and show positive and progressive spirit. Due to unremitting efforts and remarkable success, some of them have been awarded as “Advanced workers”, “Work Activists”, “Technical Backbones”, playing a significant role in lighting up working atmosphere. In order to demonstrate special care for female employees and support them to spend an enjoyable and meaningful holiday, the Labor Union held a special banquet for female employees on March 8th at BaiXiang Hotel.


This event not only provided the female employees with fragrant, pleasant, and delicious food, but also promoted the exchange and communication between them. They also reaped friendship via this dinner.it is a belief that a better cooperation and coordination among them will be achieved in the future.


Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Labor Union Committee

March 9th, 2018


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