Node Group 2018 Year-end Banquet

時間: 2019-10-24 16:22:38
來源: xmnode
點擊: 944

      Time flies. Bid farewell to 2018 and welcome 2019.Node has developed for 18 years. On the arrival of new year and the continuous and healthy development of Node, Node group and labor union held the year-end banquet in Jinrui Jiatai Hotel in January 25th,2019 to thank all staff for their efforts made in group’s development. During the banquet, the group granted all staff with gift cards.

The year-end banquet drew the curtain under the group leaders’ wonderful speech in January 25th. All people gathered together to listen leader’s 2018 work summary and 2019 work prospect speech, and raised the glasses in a toast to group’s better development year by year. The banquet was filled with joyous atmosphere, accompanied by toast, good wine, and delicious food.

      During the banquet, the group leaders moved around to propose a toast to the staff to thank their enthusiasm and efforts for group and wished all staff a happy new year. When the familiar inspirational song “We Are The Champion” was played in the banquet, all staff sang spontaneously and expressed their common wishes for group’s better development and their willing to fight for common benefits.


Labor Union Committee of  Xiamen Node Technology Group 

Feb. 9th,2019

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