Playing the Ownership Role of Workers Congress in Enterprise Development

時間: 2019-10-25 09:09:48
來源: xmnode
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   In July 6th,2018, Node group organized the plenary session of workers’ congress in order to meet the needs of enterprise in different development stages and strengthen the work institutionalization and management normalization, giving full play to staff representative’s important functions in enterprise development. 

        This meeting was led by Node group labor union and participated by all staff representatives. During the meeting, the work representatives delivered the speeches on the stage, who not only represented the staff’s benefits, but also the staff’s wisdom, the staff spokesman, and the adviser for enterprise management decision. They took the enterprise development as their responsibilities. According to the meeting schedule, all staff representatives thoroughly and carefully read and discussed the modified employee handbook which was staff’s behavior and work guideline. The representatives, adhering to the spirit of seeking truth from facts, carefully reviewed the handbook so as to actively play the role of deputies and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of staffs. After the review, all representatives took a vote by a show of hands to unanimously approve the modified employee handbook. Finally, Mr. Wu Cixiang, the chairman of group labor union, made a summary speech in the meeting and hoped all representatives to develop their ownership spirit, take an active part in group’s democratic activity, initiatively give advices to company, and fully mobilize each staff’s work initiative and motivation, making a new contribution to group’s continuous development.



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